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SAP SCM Online Training:

SAP SCM (SAP Supply Chain Management) is used for providing support for supply chain processes via the company and its chain network. The SAP SCM Online Training course is outlined for professionals who are interested in obtaining an overview of the main processes included in SAP’s Supply Chain Management including Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management.

The idea behind this SAP SCM Online training program it to provides a overall overview of the scope of this solution. It allows the candidates to apply the learned skills in overcoming challenges This course is useful for   for anyone who wants to learn the supply chain management process, he can see different different views on the supply chain, logistics, execution of a business process, and collaboration with the inventory collaboration hub. after completion of this course he can able to handle complex environment

In SAP SCM online course, you’ll find the entire information about supply chaign and management system and you can get expert guidance on how to get the best return on your investment.

Target students: User with sales backgrounds project managers project leaders and well versed with all sales processess

GRC Access Control 10.0 with Implementation Methodology

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Governance, Risk and Compliance10.0
  • Installation of Business Objects enterprise GRC AC 10.0
  • Connection with ERP 6.0
  • Configuration of GRC AC 10.0
  • Activation of BC sets
  • Activating the workflows
  • Time Zone / email Configuration
  • Introduction to Components of Access Control
  • a. Access Risk Management (RAR)
  • b. Access Request Management (CUP)
  • c. Business Role Management (ERM)
  • d. Emergency Access Management (SPM)
  • Access Risk management
  • a. Configuration of Access Risk Management
  • b. Global SOD Matrix – Risk Rules
  • c. SOD Review
  • d. Mitigation Process<
  • e. Remediation Process
  • f. Customization of Access Risk Management
  • g. Monthly Reports
  • h. Weekly Reports
  • i. Review the Risk Analysis Reports
  • j. Business Process Owners / SOX Controllers /SOX Audits
  • Access Request Management
  • a. Define the Workflows for Access Request
  • b. Define the Agents / Process /Rule ID’s
  • c. Standard Configuration / MSMP Workflows
  • d. Customization of Access Request Management
  • e. Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
  • Business Role Management
  • a. Define the Methodology
  • b. Define the Workflow for Role Maintenance
  • c. Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
  • d. Customization of Business Role Management
  • Emergency Access Management
  • a. Configuration of Emergency Access Management
  • b. Define the FF ID, FF Owner, FF Controller
  • c. Define the Workflow for Super User Access / Configure Log Reports
Course Duration: 35 – 40 hrs
Timing Week Days: 1 hrs per day (OR) 3 Times a week or Weekends: 3 hrs per day
Method: Instructor led, with exercises.
Breaks: As Required, but limited to 2 of 10 min. In weekend batch
Email ID
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Phone +91 9356913849
Fees Structure 50% After introduction lectures balance  After 50% Lecture
Server access Throughout the course 24/7
Timings Flexible