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SAP Basis Online Training in Mumbai

RH Soft Tech provides the India’s best SAP BASIS online training to the young aspirants and working professionals so they could become a perfect IT industry specialist in future.  Our SAP Basis online training course content is designed by highly experienced IT professionals and our trainers are highly qualified with each ethics of SAP Basis online course.

SAP BASIS is the administration of the SAP system. It is considered to be connectivity between the database and the operating system. SAP BASIS is usually linked with the SAP’s GUI interface and the admin handles the task of configuring SAP application servers and GUI.

Target student : The main Prerequisites for ‘Basis Administrator’ has, it should include system administration tasks such as managing the database, Insatllation of Operating System monitoring Servers Knowledge, installing and upgrading the software on the servers, and system security policy

Introduction to SAP R/3 Basis:

  • What is Basis?
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Client / Server Technology and SAP R/3 Architecture
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Basis Consultants
  • Database Service. Application Services, Presentation Services
  • Introduction to OS Concepts
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts : The CPU
  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts : Storage
  • Available SAP R/3 Platforms – Windows NT
  • SAP R/3 Networking issues

Architecture of SAP R/3 Application Server

  • SAP R/3 Application Server Architecture
  • Dialog Server
  • Update Server
  • SAP R/3 Work Process – Overview
  • Managing SAP R/3 Work Processes

Sizing Requirements

  • Fill the requirement by customer
  • Initialization of RAM CPU
  • Storage selection
  • Selection of Hardware
  • Take approve from SAP


Implementation Phase from ASIS to TOBE

  • Requirement gathering
  • Blue print Phase
  • Realization phase
  • Pre-Golive  Test phase
  • Golive Phase

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Client

  • Introduction to Client
  • Creating Client
  • Client Copy ( Local, Remote, Export and Import )
  • Dropping a Client

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – User Managements

  • Different Types of users
  • Creating User
  • Locking and Unlocking a User
  • Limiting Logon Attempts
  • Setting Password Controls
  • Maintaining User defaults & Options

SAP R/3 Administrator Tasks – Background Jobs

  • Jobs Definition
  • Start Date
  • Job Steps
  • Job Monitoring
  • Deleting a Job

PROFILE AND Parameters

  • Default profile
  • Startup profile
  • Instance profile

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – CCMS

  • OS Monitoring
  • DB Monitoring
  • Alerts

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Memory Management and Miscellaneous

  • Introduction to SAP R/3 Virtual Memory
  • SAP R/3 Buffers
  • SAP R/3 Memory Management System
  • Remote Function Call ( RFC )
  • Dump Analysis
  • Sys Log


Types of R/3 Systems and System Landscape

  • Development (DEV). Testing (QTST). Production ( PROD )
  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • There System Landscape

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Change and Transport System

  • Customizing
  • ABAP/4 Workbench
  • Change Request
  • Recording Changes
  • Transportation

Transport Management System ( TMS )

  • TMS Domain
  • TMS Domain Controller
  • Transport Groups
  • Transport Layer
  • Transport Route
  • Transport Directory
  • Virtual Systems

Operation modes

  • Define Modes (DAY Night)
  • Define Empty container
  • Define Instance
  • Activate Instance

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Patch Administration

  • Overview of Support Packages
  • Introduction to Applying SAP Patches
  • Introduction to Applying Kernel Patches

SAP R/3 Kernal Upgrade

  • Download Kernal from SMP
  • Taking backups of existing kernals
  • Implement new kernal
  • Check consistency after Kernal Upgrade

SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – BR-Tools

  • Oracle Server Architecture Overview
  • Oracle Server Startup/Shutdown
  • Table space Administration
  • SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle Database
  • SAP R/3 Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database
  • Startup and Shutdown of database
  • SQL Commands
  • Oracle Administration for SAP

SAP R/3 Installation

  • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003   – Preparation
  • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003 – Installation
  • Installing SAP R/3 on Windows Server 2003  – Post Installation
  • Language Transport
  • Installing Database Server and Application Server
  • Installing Presentation Server ( SAP GUI ) & Accessing SAP R/3 from PC
  • Starting and Stopping R/3 System

Database Administration

  •   Oracle Architecture
  •   Connectivity Mechanism of work process to Database
  •   Starting & Stopping Database
  •   Working on Database Parameters
  •   Configure Listener services
  •   Table space Administration (Table spaces,
  •   Data files extending and segments)
  •   BR Tools administration
  •   Configuring the database backup
  •    (Offline/Online)

Advance Topics in SAP BASIS


  • EHP upgrades concepts
  • Extensive use of SUM & SWPM Tool
  • System Copies Concepts
  • Kernal Upgrade to new level

Sap Printing System

  •   SAP Spool system Architecture
  •   Introduction to SAP Access Methods
  •   Defining R/3 Printer Devices
  •   Managing spool Requests
  •  TEMSE object Database







Course Duration: 35 – 40 hrs
Timing Week Days: 1 hrs per day (OR) 3 Times a week or Weekends: 3 hrs per day
Method: Instructor led, with exercises.
Breaks: As Required, but limited to 2 of 10 min. In weekend batch
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Phone +91 9356913849
Fees Structure 50% After introduction lectures balance  After 50% Lecture
Server access Throughout the course 24/7
Timings Flexible