Dell Boomi Online Training

RH Soft Tech provides the best platform to get the hands-on training in Dell Boomi. With the Dell Boomi online training program, you can have the best understanding of Dell Boomi basics, its atmosphere, its administration process, learn methods to handle cloud operations and get in depth knowledge of integration platform. You can reach your expectations with multiple industry expert and qualified Dell Boomi trainers who can deliver the best training on all concepts of Dell Boomi through throughout the training session.

Dell Boomi is an on-demand cloud integration platform that connects on-premises application, data and cloud together. Dell Boomi helps the aspirants to develop a platform through which the customers could design cloud based integration processes called Atoms and can transfer the data between the on-premises applications and the cloud.

In Dell Boomi, each Atom defines the necessity for the integration. At RH Soft Tech, we deliver the best training on Dell Boomi based on our industry expert and offer training with the skilled resources. Our training program is the best fir for the consultants and companies and helps them to meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.

Dell Boomi Basic

  • Course Overview and Expectations
  • AtomSphere Overview
  •  Activity Introduction
  •  FTP and Disk Connectors
  •  Atom Overview
  •  Document Properties
  •  Setting Static and Dynamic Parameters
  •  XML Profile Design
  •  Mapping
  •  Boomi Suggest
  •  Setting Defaults
  •  Using Functions
  •  Branching



  •  Salesforce Read Connector 
  • Salesforce Query Operation
  •  Database Write Connector
  •  Database Write Operation
  •  Mapping
  •  Adding additional Salesforce Fields
  •  Creating a User-Defined Function
  •  Using Decision Steps
  •  Mail Connectors
  •  Message Step
  •  Format output to Email
  •  SQL Command


  • Process Backup
  • Process Automation
  •  Revision History
  •  Atom Management
  •  Process Deployment
  •  Connection Licensing
  •  Process Execution & Reporting Overview
  •  Document Handling
  •  User Alerts Overview
  •  Forced Exception Configuration
  •  Custom Error Messaging
  •  Configuring Email Alerts
  •  Execution Log and Notification Customization
  •  User Management Customization
  •  Document Tracking & Searching
  •  Process Deactivation & Atom Detachment
  •  Wrap Up


Course Duration:35 – 40 hrs
TimingWeek Days: 1 hrs per day (OR) 3 Times a week or Weekends: 3 hrs per day
Method:Instructor led, with exercises.
Breaks:As Required, but limited to 2 of 10 min. In weekend batch
Study MaterialDell Boomi Online Training
Phone+91 9356913849
Fees Structure50% After introduction lectures balance  After 50% Lecture
Server accessThroughout the course 24/7