Cyber Security Online Training

RH Soft Tech provides expert level cyber security online training to make the practitioners adept in both defensive as well as offensive security. According to the estimation, more than 31 billion devices would be connected on the web in coming 12 months.

Our Cyber security online training program will teach you with the best skills to become a professional geek in this domain. After completing our course, you will learn comprehensive ways to safeguard your infrastructure, architecting cloud based security, achieving compliance, running risk analysis and mitigation & many more. Enjoy the best learning experience with us.

Module 1: Security Risk Assessment (Ethical Hacking) 

Introduction to Ethical Hacking 

  • What is Hacking 
  • What is Ethical Hacking 
  • What is Penetration Testing 
  • What is Vulnerability Auditing 


  • What is FootPrinting 
  • Footprinting Techniques 
  • Footprinting Website & Tools 


  • What is Network scanning 
  • Types of Scanners 
  • Vulnerability Scanner Tools 


  • What is a proxy server 
  • Types of proxies 
  • What is a Darkweb 
  • Why hackers prefer to use Darkweb 

Hacking Web Servers & Web Applications 

  • What is a web server 
  • Types of web attacks 

Session Hijacking 

  • What is session hijacking 
  • Session hijacking Techniques 
  • Session hijacking Tools 

Denial of Service 

  • What is a DoS and DDoS attack 
  • DoS attack techniques 
  • DoS attack Tools 

System Hacking 

  • What is System Hacking 
  • What is Password Cracking 
  • Password Cracking techniques 
  • Password Cracking Website & Tools 


  • What is a sniffer 
  • Sniffing Techniques 
  • Sniffing Tools 


  • What is Phishing 
  • Phishing Techniques 
  • Phishing Tools 


  • What is malware 
  • Types of malware 
  • Malware creation Tools 
  • USB password stealers 

Wireless Hacking 

  • Types of wireless networks 
  • Wireless Hacking Techniques 
  • Wireless Hacking Tools Kali Linux 
  • What is Kali Linux 
  • Kali Linux Tools 

Module 2: Proactive Defence and Countermeasures 

Introduction to Security 

  • What is security? 
  • Layer 1 Security 
  • Layer 2 Security 
  • Layer 3 security Firewalls 
  • What is a Firewall? 
  • Types of firewalls 
  • Designing Security with 


  • NAT 
  • Security Policy 
  • Logs Management 
  • Application Security 
  • Content / Web Security 
  • Authentication 

Virtual Private Networks 

  • What is VPNs 
  • Type of VPNs 
  • GRE 
  • IPSEC 
  • SSL 

Intrusion Prevention Systems 

  • What is an Intrusion Prevention System? 

High Availability Virtual / Cloud Devices Security Host Security 

  • OS Hardening 
  • Patch management 
  • Antivirus 
  • Endpoint Security 

Module 3: Incident Response and Management 


  • Introduction to SIEM 
  • SIEM Architecture 
  • Events and Logs 
  • Event Correlation and Event Collection 
  • Correlation Rules 
  • Forensic Data 
  • SIEM Deployment 

Incident Response 

  • Introduction Incident Response 
  • Incident Response Policy 
  • Incident Handling 
  • Forensics of Incident response 
  • Inside Threat 
  • Incident Recovery 
  • Malware Analysis 

Mobile Forensics 

  • Forensic Acquisition of Smartphones 
  1. Logical Acquisition 
  2. File System Acquisition 
  3. Physical Acquisition 
  • Android Forensics 
  • Retrieving User Activity Information from Android Devices 
  • iOS (iPhone) Forensics 
  • Retrieving User Activity Information iOS Devices 


Course Duration: 35 – 40 hrs
Timing Week Days: 1 hrs per day (OR) 3 Times a week or Weekends: 3 hrs per day
Method: Instructor led, with exercises.
Breaks: As Required, but limited to 2 of 10 min. In weekend batch
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Fees Structure 50% After introduction lectures balance  After 50% Lecture
Server access Throughout the course 24/7
Timings Flexible