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Power BI and its scope in the International Market

power I and its scope

Power BI is one of the most trending IT courses in business intelligence in the last 2 years. This tool has gained a massive popularity these days among the multinational companies and even the small scale IT companies as well. Due to its booming demand in the IT industry, the salary of Power BI developer and other job roles is skyrocketing. When you’ve a look at the Google trends, you’ll realize that this is the golden time for the aspirants to build a career in the Data analytics and Business Intelligence after being getting certified from any professional IT training institute.  Let’s dive into the details of the Power BI:

Popularity of the Power BI:

If you have a look on last 5  years Google trend report, you can clearly visualize its popularity. The reason for its gaining popularity is that this tool can be seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and other Microsoft tools. Power Bi software is very simple to use once its KPIs are determined by the working professional. IT is the cheaper substitute to other BI tools like Sisense, Tableau and Domo.  Hence the individual after completing the training get the high pay jobs.

Power BI Developer Salary

The average annual salary of an entry level Power BI developer in India is Rs. 3 Lakhs and it goes as high as Rs 4.5 Lakhs. But for the experienced Power Bi developers, the salary packages moves out to the Rs 9 Lakh to Rs 20 Lakh based on the skills and their expertise level.

Career Scope in Power BI

If you have indepth knowledge in Power BI then you can implement your knowledge in the right direction to th larger scale projects especially when your project is associated with the Tabular models. Power BI offers exciting career opportunities to the aspirant and you can get promoted if you perform good in your job roles. Here are the basic career opportunities for the BI experts that you can gain after getting trained in ethics of Power BI.

Business AnAlyst

BI Architect

Data Analyst

BI Developer

Companies hiring BI Developers

You can get the massive career growth opportunities and job openings when you have a look at the career portal for the Power BI developer. If you want to get linked iwth the big key players in the IT industry like Wipro, Infosys, TCS etc then your your skills and knowledge in the Power BI can make you a perfect guy for the high paid job. There is a huge demand of data strategy among the industries and this has led to the growht in the job sector as well.


This is just the beginning of Microsoft Power BI’s growth that the world has been watching since the last couple of years. This tool is known for its simplified features and efficient workflow that bring new significant changes in the world of Business Analytics. 

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