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SCCM – All you need to know about the software

sccm training

SCCM is an abbreviation for the System Center Configuration Manager and its is a software management suite developed by Microsoft for the users to manage a wide array of Window based computers. SCCM features operation system deployment, network protection, patch management and remote controlling like services.

People using Microsoft SCCM can manage business operations of different computers network and can properly handles the working on the Windows or Mac OS servers and popular operating systems. The SCCM software is available to the user for a short span of time during the trail and users have to purchase the license to continue the running of software after the end of its trial period.

What are the benefits of using SCCM?

IF you install SCCM software in your desktop to perform business operations then then you don’t have to wait for any technician to start a new program as you could start it by yourself.

The license monitoring feature in SCCM software allows the user to know the number of licenses of a product has been actually used by you Hence you can save optimum money by redeploying the unused software.

Operating SYStem deployment and the User State Migration facility in the SCCM software allows the user to reinstall a systems and helps in restoring the user profile fast and in an efficient way.

The user of the software are first trained by the usafge of software from an IT expert, hence you can easily manage the functionality of the system once you learn the operation procedure.

SCCM software do have a special feature of automatic inventory reportin and monitoring that helps technical staff of an organization to pinpoint any machine on the network without taking the inventory manually.

SCCM software also have a special feature of security compliance management that helps the business organizations to set baselines for reporting, setting security standards and preparing reports and bringing them into compliance automatically with their data protection.

SCCM is used for all end-user interaction, the dialogs which are displayed to the user have the similar look and hence it quite easy for the end user to understand what is happening.

How SCCM Works?

in the SCCM console, packages are created that comprises of the command lines and executable files for the application to be installed. These packages are often replicated on “Distribution Points” which are a type of File Servers that can store content of the packages for a particular region.

All the machines that are in the network of SCCM environment will have an SCCM Client agent installed on them, that establishes the communication between the machines and the SCCM Servers. The SCCM client agent installed on the end users machines checks for new deployments or policies and it is reached out to its regional Distribution point after the evaluation of the deployments at the end machine. The executable files are usually downloaded in the temp folder and then they are sent back to the SCCM server for database updates.

To learn the ethics of SCCM, you need to choose the right training provider who can provide the best knowledge on SCCM concepts and its operation via live examples then only you can perform perfectly in the working environment.

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